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As of February 4, 2013

Legend: Done(tick) /Green is on Track(plus) /Yellow is At Risk(warning) /Red is Off Track(minus)


Overall At Risk: (warning)  trending flat

In Progress Major Milestones

  • MyPlan 2.0: Milestone 2 (warning)  , Registration Planning
  • MyPlan Contribution (warning)
  • MyPlan 3.0 Planning (plus)


Recent demonstration: KS Functional Council

Key Issues and Risks

  • Milestone 2, registration planning, has taken considerably longer than expected because of data mapping complexities and the need to re-factor and upgrade to Rice 2.2 to mitigate performance issues.
  • Backlog of desired features for MyPlan 2.0 exceeds team capacity.  The UW's product owner advisory group has agreed to defer two features:  course offering search, and integration to the UW's seat availability notification service.  
  • The lack of a product manager for Kuali Student Academic Planning (KSAP) has created difficulties in creating a common backlog across the UW's and IU's efforts. The UW and IU are coordinating and 'self-organizing', but the lack of a common feature set and backlog makes it difficult for the Functional Council and other parts of the community to track and provide input to the efforts.

Overview Completion Dates (plus)

Overall At Risk Trending Flat

Completed Notable Tasks.

  • March 2013
    • Completed code re-factor and Rice 2.2 upgrade as part of effort to improve performance
    • UW Student Technology Fee Committee funds year 3
    • UW release of MyPlan 1.2, which included schedule of class information on the course details page.
  • January 2013
    • Mass marketing to students begins -- to date, MyPlan has received 17,000 unique visitors
    • UW Student Technology Fee Committee proposal submitted
    • Coordination with Course Offering begins
    • Coordination with Indiana University on feature backlog begins
  • December 2012
    • MyPlan 1.1 released -- enhancements included .html audit and quick add
    • MyPlan linked through UW portal
  • November 2012
    • rSmart webinar on Kuali Student Academic Planner
    • Coordination and planning for technical review (step 2 of the contribution process)
  • October 2012 
    • MyPlan presentations at Kuali Days
    • Quick add feature added to MyPlan
  • September 2012 (as of 9/11)
    • MyPlan released to production in 'soft launch' mode
  • August 2012
    • Functional Council endorses MyPlan contribution.
    • UW upgrade from DARS 3.0 to u.Achieve 4.1.16.X complete
  • May 2012
    • UW Student Technology Fee Committee funds 2nd year of development

Detailed Status

MyPlan 1.0 (tick)

Overall: Complete

Overview: MyPlan 1.0 includes

Objective: Deliver a foundation for academic planning that supports multi-quarter (long-term) academic planning and provides a foundation for additional enhancement and integration to KS Enrollment).

MyPlan 2.0 (warning)

Overall:  At Risk,Trending Flat

Overview: Enahnce MyPlan to include registration planing (students' #1 priority at the UW) and adviser recommended courses and plans (adviser #1 priority).  Complete additional backlog features as possible.

Objective: Release highest priority features to production at the UW by end of September 2013.  Coordinate as necessary with KS project team and Functional Council to ensure community alignment and appropriate/necessary collaboration on areas of overlap and connection across MyPlan and ENR.

Reason for At Risk status: Team resources are being diverted from development to other activities, including production support, fielding inquiries from other institutions, coordinating with KS Enrollment team.  Additionally, the UW lost a key developer resource for two months because of Visa issues, which delayed development of registration planning.


Recent demonstration: KS product stream coordination meeting, January 29th

Next demonstration: None planned for KS community.  Will coordinate with KS Functional Director to understanding expectations and timing for interacting with the Functional Council.

Previous Notes and Recordings

Progress Metrics

Original Time Estimate

52 weeks

Time Elapsed

28 weeks

Expected Percent Complete


Actual Percent Complete


In-Progress Functionality

  • MyPlan 1.3:  Term planning and single term view (expected release data is April 20)
  • MyPlan 1.4:  Audit plan.  The majority of back-end work is complete.  User experience design is underway, and front-end development is expected to commence in the next iteration.
  • MyPlan 1.6:  Adviser templates.  Initial phase of interviews with advisers is complete.  There is clear value to structured academic programs, but the value to unstructured programs is questionable.  Unstructured programs may benefit more from the ability to develop ad hoc lists of recommended courses that are not explicitly tied to an academic major. 

Upcoming Milestones

  • Audit plan
  • Adviser recommended courses (per student)
  • Adviser recommended plans (per program, cohort, etc. -- TBD)

Risks (in order of priority)

  • Backlog of desired features for MyPlan 2.0 exceeds team capacity, creating expectation management risks for year 2
  • Development is currently behind schedule by one iteration (two weeks)
  • Coordination with other KS product streams is diverting some staff time
  • Production support and maintenance for MyPlan 1.0 is decreasing development velocity on MyPlan 2.0

MyPlan Contribution (warning)

Overall In progress, but at risk

Overview: The technical review of MyPlan has been completed, and work is underway, as part of Indiana University's implementation, to strip out all UW specific configurations.  

Objective: Contribute MyPlan to Kuali; achieve agreement on functional requirements and timing of a future public release

Reason for At Risk status: Effort and resourcing to contribute and package as a public release is unknown.  

Progress Metrics

In-Progress Functionality

  • Technical clean up to remove any UW specific configurations is being done as part of IU's implementation -- on track

Upcoming Milestones

  • Kuali Student Academic Planner 0.5
  • Functional requirements for KSAP 1.0 defined by Functional Council
  • Technical release planning
  • Load reference data
  • QA and release

Risks (in order of priority)

  • Work is progressing on track to achieve KSAP 0.5 (code fully cleaned up and ready to contribute), but additional steps and timing to complete the contribution has not yet been planned.
  • No agreed upon timing or priority for completing the contribution or achieving a KSAP 1.0 release

MyPlan 3.0 Planning (plus)

Overall:  Complete.  The UW's year 3 proposal was approved by the Student Technology Fee Committee.

Overview: The UW has continued plans for enhancing MyPlan.  We've submitted the YR 3 Student Tech Fee proposal, and are considering submitting a proposal to the Gate Foundation.

Objective: Define year 3 scope that lives within the sweet spot of:  addressing known student needs at the UW, addressing UW institutional priorities, aligns to KS roadmap and community needs, has synergies with a potential represents a logical extension of the product, and is technically feasible to deliver within a one year fixed timeline.

Reason for At Risk status: N/A  

Progress Metrics

In-Progress Functionality

  • Internal vetting of ideas for potential pursuit of Gates Foundation grant

Upcoming Milestones


Risks (in order of priority)

  • N/A
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