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This file share is for IUG members to share documentation related to Kuali Student implementation efforts. Files can be submitted by any individual with a record and can be accessed by the general public. File should be submitted in the appropriate directory or subdirectory with the schools name in parenthesis. For instance, a data mapping template used by The University of Maryland, College Park would be placed in /Data/ with the name DataMappingTemplate.xls with a "(UMD)" at the end.

The file structure is:

Technical - Technical documents for implementation and operations of KS-CM

Functional - Requirements, planning, training, etc...

Data - Tools and documentation for data mapping, managing, loading, etc... 

Project Management - Documents with sample project proposals, RIO calculations, staffing planning, etc...

Other - Other documents which don't fit into another category

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  1. Checkout the CM Implementation Code Share for these kinds of files now.