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Welcome to the home for Kuali Decision Support collaboration!

Kuali Decision Support collaboration is a bit different from other areas of collaboration since there isn't a clearly defined outcome. It's likely many institutions already have some form of decision support and they will be fitting one or more Kuali products into that established framework. There will be many different tools and environments used in the participating institutions' decision support environment. There will be common themes in the reports and analysis to come from a Kuali decision support environment, but each institution will be unique in its approach and goals.

What we have in common is the data - it will all be originating from the same set of applications. And of course, if you're here reading this, you have the desire to share information and learn from one another like the rest of us!

If none of the categories on the left seem appropriate, please the share information on this page. Also, as the Kuali Decision Support SIG chair, I welcome feedback on this site and other ways I can facilitate collaboration in this area.

Tina Golini Jessee, Indiana University

Getting Involved

Create any accounts you don't already have, so that you receive collaboration group emails and can update documentation, post comments, and add attachments to Confluence. See the Kuali Toolset page for instructions on how to create your Kuali single sign-on account through KIS, gain edit access to this Confluence site and sign up for mailing lists.

Goal of the Decision Support SIG

Establish an effective forum for institutions using Kuali applications to share information and collaborate on developing their decision support environments for Kuali application data.

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